new Rena// She is the youngest child of the Kazuha clan. Daisuke is her older brother and the heir of the Clan. She was the kinda the result of an accident. She can´t use the Kekkei Genkai of her Clan for unknown reasons. Her parents don´t hate her for that, but they pay more attention to Daisuke and his training because they want him to be the best Kazuha ever. The Keikkei Genkai allows the user to control flowers and plants in their surrounding so they can use them for the Genjutsu. Rena is really upset of her situation cause she feels like an unneeded person. The only one who really cares for her is her brother, so he is her hero and she loves him more than anything. One day she meet Yukino, who can´t use the Kekkei Genkai of her clan either. Finally Rena found someone who can understand her and her Situation. So she take Yukino as her idol and like her she wants to create her own Ninjustu (like Yukino can control Water like her mom). So she trains very hard……and so she can control the plants with her chakra and make them grow and get them thorns. Nobody in her Clan can use it like that…..because of this she carries seeds in her left bag……..btw. she´s 17 here (like Yuki XD)